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Automatic tool changer CNC Router
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Automatic tool changer CNC Router

4 axis cnc router for wood AKM1325-4 AXIS

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AccTek ATC woodworking machines can change 6-10 tools It dopts Italy air cooling spindle professional 4 axis revolving device,Taiwan Syntec controller with handwheel
4 axis cnc router for wood AKM1325-4 AXIS

 Fetures of 4 axis cnc router

 1.The lathe bed is strong and without distortion.
2. X,Y axes transmission with gear rack, Z axis transmission with import Germany ball screws, ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine. 
3. Double motors and drivers of Y axis ensure steady movement.
4. Application of driver with high definition subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy.
5. High power spindle, brushless, water cooling/air cooling, working vigorously with low noise. 


 Technical Parameter


No. Description  Parameter  
1 X,Y,Z Working Area: 1300x2500x400mm*180degree
2 Table Size: 1530×2940mm
3 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy: ±0.03/300mm
4 X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
5 Table Surface:  Vacuum and  T-slot combined
6 Frame: Big Steel tube structure
7 X, Y Structure: Rack and Pinion Drive, 
 Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
8 Z Structure: Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
9 Max. Power Consumption (Without spindle)  4.2Kw
10 Max. Rapid Travel Rate 30000mm/min
11 Max. Working Speed 20000mm/min
12 Spindle Power: 3.0/4.5/6/7KW
13 Spindle Speed: 0-18000RPM
14 Drive Motors: Delta servo motors
15 Working Voltage:  AC380V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)) 
16 Command Language: G code
17 Operating System: Syntec control system
18 Computer Interface: Ethernet
19 Flash Memory: 256M
20 Collet: ER25
21 X,Y Resolution 0.03/300mm
22 Software Compatibility: Type3 software,
 (Option: Artcam software)
23 Running Environment  Temperature: 0degree - 45 degree
24 Relative Humidity: 30% - 75%
25 Packing Size: 3300X2200X2200mm
26 N.W.: 1650KG
27 G.W.: 2000KG
28 Guarantee One year from the date of commission
29 Optional Parts Dust collector/ Dust hoods for three axis
Vacuum Pump
Rotary system
Mist-cooling system
Yaskawa/ Panasonic Servo motors

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