AKM2030C-4A CNC Router Enhances Precision And Versatility

Step into the future of precision craftsmanship with AccTek CNC's latest achievement, the AKM2030C-4A CNC router, laying the foundation for unlimited creativity.
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AKM2030C-4A CNC Router in South Africa

AKM2030C-4A CNC Router in South Africa
Step into the future of precision craftsmanship with AccTek CNC’s latest achievement, the AKM2030C-4A CNC router. Delivered to our esteemed South African customers, this powerful innovation center features a vast work area spanning 2000*3000mm, laying the foundation for limitless creativity.

Precision and versatility

At the heart of the AKM2030C-4A CNC router is an automatic tool changer that coordinates seamless tool changes mid-task, eliminating interruptions and maximizing efficiency. The machine features a swivel axis that enables the spindle to rotate ±90°, opening up the world of simple 3D machining projects and setting new standards in versatility.

Process improvement

This CNC router is more than just a machine, it’s a catalyst for creativity and precision. From complex engravings to intricate 3D designs, the AKM2030C-4A CNC router ensures every detail is executed to perfection. AccTek CNC’s dedication to quality is evident in every project this engineering marvel undertakes.

Main features

  • Spacious 2000*3000mm working area, suitable for ambitious projects.
  • Automatic tool changer enables uninterrupted workflow.
  • The rotary axis enables ±90° spindle rotation for 3D machining.
  • Precision engineering creates perfect craftsmanship.
AccTek CNC is extremely proud to equip South African craftsmen with the AKM2030C-4A CNC router. The AKM2030C-4A CNC router is the embodiment of precision, versatility, and technological advancement. Join a coalition of forward-thinking craftsmen who believe AccTek CNC can take their craft to new heights. Revolutionize your shop and redefine your process with AccTek CNC’s AKM2030C-4A CNC router.
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