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Keep up with technological advancements by upgrading and retrofitting your CNC router. Unlock new capabilities with advanced component upgrades, modern control systems, and enhanced safety features.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Unleash new possibilities for your CNC router with AccTek CNC’s professional upgrade and retrofit services. As a leading manufacturer committed to innovation, we provide tailor-made solutions to improve your machinery’s performance, precision, and capabilities. Upgrade your equipment, extend its life, and stay on the cutting edge of technology with our expert services.
AKM1325 CNC Router in Austria
AKM1325 CNC Router in Austria
AKM1325 CNC Router in Austria

Bring Your CNC Router To Life With Upgrades And Retrofits

Customized Upgrade Plan

Partner with AccTek CNC for custom upgrade and retrofit solutions for your CNC router model. Thereby meeting changing industry demands and unlocking new possibilities for your production processes.

Advanced Control System

Upgrade to a state-of-the-art control system and experience an enhanced user interface and improved process control for more intuitive and precise machine operation.

Advanced Component Upgrades

Optimize the capabilities of your CNC router with upgraded tooling and spindle options for greater versatility and efficiency in handling a variety of materials and applications.

Environmentally Friendly Transformation

Achieve sustainability through retrofits designed to increase energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact while maintaining optimal performance.

Improve Accuracy Through Modification

Improve overall accuracy and repeatability by upgrading key components to ensure consistent, high-quality results with every machining operation.

Enhanced Security Features

Prioritize operator safety with upgraded and modern safety features. Retrofit advanced safety systems to meet and exceed regulatory requirements and comply with industry standards and regulations.

Advantages of Upgrades And Retrofits Service

Remain Competitive

Keep your CNC router on the cutting edge of technology to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving manufacturing environment.

Extend Equipment Life

Retrofitting key components can extend the life of your CNC router, thus maximizing the protection of your investment.

Improve Efficiency

Benefiting from upgraded components and control systems, CNC routers can increase production efficiency, thereby reducing production time and costs.


Customize your CNC router for new tasks and challenges with flexible upgrade options.