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Laser metal cutting machine

stainless steel co2 laser cutting machine 150w co2 metal laser cutter for sale

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AccTek stainless steel co2 laser cutting machine, 150w co2 metal laser cutter for sale Maximum cutting thickness is 2mm stainless steel and 2 5mm carbon steel it also can cut non metals such as wood, acrylic, mdf etc
stainless steel co2 laser cutting machine 150w co2 metal laser cutter for sale                                

Machine picture of co2 laser cutting machine








 Machine Features  

1> RECI/EFR/CO2 laser tube has a good beam and strong stability, lifetime over 8000-10000 hours

2> DSP control panel in English, USB interface, offline or online work, reading U flash

3> Adopts imported linear guide rail, with high precision.


Configurations of co2 laser cutting machine 

Model AKJ1390H 
Working area 1300*900mm
Laser power 130W CO2 glass laser tube
 Controll system Rdcam controller
Engraving speed 0-40000mm/min
Cutting speed 0-20000mm/min
Power supply 220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ
Position accuracy 0.01mm
Repetition accuracy 0.02mm 
Graphic format supported

The Files which CorelDraw, Photoshop,

 AutoCAD can identify





Guide rail Taiwan square rails 
Transmission method  Belt transmission
Driving system  Stepper motor and driver



co2 laser cutting machine standard accessories


 ♦ 1×CO2 laser cutting machine

 ♦ 1×Air Pump(installed inside the machine) for Air Assist (for blowing off debris as the laser engrave or cut)

 ♦ 1×Air Exhaust Fan(installed inside the machine) with Tube ducts ( for extracting gases from the work area)

 ♦ 1×Water Chiller

 ♦ 1×USB Cable (connecting PC and laser)

 ♦ 1×DVD (Including software, User manual, Guiding videos etc.)

 ♦ 1×Laser Tube,

 ♦ 3×Reflecting Mirrors

 ♦ 1×Focusing Len



Detail photos of co2 laser cutting machine


#Special laser head and Blade table 

1390h table[1].jpg


#Control Panel and Protection stop switch 



#Beijing Reci or EFR co2 glass sealed laser tube, famous brand in China.

1390h laser tube[1].jpg




 This model can work on metal and non-metal materials . 

 1.Advertising industry: large blister word cutting, organic glass engraving and cutting,

engraving of double color board,scutcheon,crystal cup, authorize brand etc.  

 2.Leather and clothing industry: complex text and graphic engraving on leather,  

synthetic leather,leatheroid,cloth,fur and leather.Craft processing like cutting,carving

 patterns or designs on woodwork,hollowing out.Cutting of clothes,underware,home  

decoration,gloves,bags,shoes,hats,toys and other industries.

3.Art & Craft industry: engraving on marble, bone, bamboo craft, leather, shell, ivory

 and so on.

4.Model industry:cutting on architectural model, aviation and navigation model, and

  wooden toys. 

5.Packing and printing industry: engraving and cutting of printing rubber plate, and

  cutting of sandwich plate and die board cutting.








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