AKM1330C CNC Router Delivers Precision And Power in Chile

AKM1330C is a custom-designed CNC router with a spacious working area of 1300*3000 mm. Customized for perfection, the AKM1330C is a testament to AccTek CNC's commitment to precision and innovation.
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AKM1330-4A CNC Router in Chile

AKM1330C CNC Router in Chile
AccTek CNC is proud to announce a transformative partnership with our esteemed Chilean customer to introduce the AKM1330-4A CNC router. Equipped with a customized 1300*3000mm work area, this advanced machine goes beyond traditional capabilities to set new standards for precision, efficiency, and versatility in woodworking.

Automatic Tool Changing Improves Efficiency

Experience seamless workflow transitions with the AKM1330-4A CNC router’s automatic tool changer, enabling fast, precise tool changes during operations. This innovation increases productivity and allows our Chilean customers to tackle different projects with ease.

Master 3D processing technology

The AKM1330-4A CNC router adds a new dimension to the process, with its axis of rotation allowing the spindle to rotate ±90°. This innovative feature enables simple yet impactful 3D machining projects, expanding creative possibilities and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in woodworking.

Customized to create excellent craftsmanship

The AKM1330-4A CNC router is designed to meet the specific needs of Chilean customers, and the customized 1300*3000mm working area ensures maximum adaptability. This CNC router is more than just a machine, it’s a precision instrument designed to turn visions into reality with unparalleled precision.

Tailor-made precision

AccTek CNC’s commitment to perfection is reflected in the 1300*3000mm work area customized by the AKM1330-4A CNC router. Carefully designed to meet the unique needs of Chilean customers, this CNC router is more than just a machine, it is a precision instrument designed to elevate the standards of craftsmanship.

Chilean woodworking innovations

AccTek CNC’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the AKM1330-4A CNC router. By offering CNC routers equipped with automatic tool changers and rotary axes, we enable our Chilean customers to explore new dimensions of woodworking excellence.
Join us in celebrating this technological leap as AccTek CNC paves the way for precision, efficiency, and creativity for our customers in Chile. The AKM1330-4A CNC router marks a new era in CNC machining, enabling craftsmen to achieve more than ever before.
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