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Autorich DSP controller manual

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PrefaceThank you for purchasing Acctek CNC router All the safety instructions contained in this manual must be rea
Thank you for purchasing Acctek CNC router.
All the safety instructions contained in this manual must be read carefully and must be fully understood before you attempt to use your CNC router, in order to avoid potential hazards than could cause bodily injury, property damage, or damage the CNC router.
CNC routers belong to the high precision CNC machine. Improper installation or usage maybe damaged the accuracy, stability or the lifetime of the machine. Please read this manual before install the machine and keep this for long-term use or maintenance.
Safety Marks
1. DANGER (Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.)
2. FORBIDDEN (Indicates forbidden to do.)
3. (Must to do.)
4. CAUTION: (Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor injury or moderate injury.)
In order to safely and properly use this CNC router, please read this manual before use it. Please remember the principle and safety information of this machine and keep this manual for long term use.
Request about the operator
The operator must know the request and procedures about the installation, adjustment and running. And he must know how to overcome the emergency situations and have the following terms: 1.) Have taken the training before. 2.) The operator can run the machine commonly or run the machine safely according this manual. 3.) The operator can do turning on, turning off, clearing, grounding, connecting or other operations. 4.) The operator can use, repair and protect the machine.

The operator must do the following things.
1. Checking the safely appliance run properly or not.
2. Keep all operators alert before turn on the machine.
3. Keep clean worktable.
4. CNC routers may move unexpectedly, stay clear of machine at all times.
5. Wear safety glasses and hearing protection at all times when operating machine.
6. Use a grounded dust collection system to reduce hazard of explosion of airborne particles. Clean machine surfaces and lead screws periodically to remove any foreign material.
7. Don’t turn on the machine before preparation.
8. Press E-stop when meet hazard situation.
1. This machine with hazard voltage, don’t open the door of the control box or electronics to avoid potential hazard.
2. This machine has well grounding appliance, the input power just permitted to connect with the permanent power cables.
3. The machine adjusted to be the working situation, don’t arbitrarily do any changes. Please do the changes by the professional engineers.
4. Avoid the children and non-operator far away from the machine.
5. Please read safety cautions, warnings and safety marks on the machine before installation and adjustment. Ensure to put the warning marks at the eyesight position and change the damaged or fall off marks.
6. Please read the manual and instruction carefully to install, adjustment and maintain the machine. Proper movement, assemble and maintenance can ensure the reliability of the machine.

I. Abstract
1-1. Model explanation of CNC router-------------------------------3
1-2. Introduction of CNC router------------------------------------3
1-3. Introduction of the parts of the CNC router------------------------4
1-4. Parameters of CNC router------------------ ------------------5
II. Introduction of installation
2-1. Install environment--------------------------------------------------------5
2-2. Install procedure-------------------------------------------------6
(1) Electronics installation and introduction of control panel-------------―――-6
(2) Installation of DSP system---------------------- -----------------6
(3) Introduction of DSP system------------------------ --------------6
(4) Introduction and function of the inverter-----------------------------7
2-3. Install auxiliary parts--------------------------------------------13
(1) Install the vacuum pump (including the introduction about the vacuum pump and assemble procedure)
(2) Install the dust collector (including the introduction about the dust collector and assemble procedure)
(3) Install the air compressor (including the introduction about the air compressor and assemble procedure)
2-4. Install the software
(1) Install the control system software
(2) Install the application software
III. Testing the machine
          3-1. The preparation before testing the machine
  3-2. Testing the machine
IV. Maintenance
4-1. Maintenance
4-2. Lubrication
4-3. Maintenance of auxiliary parts
V. Common Problems
5-1. FAQ and solutions about inverter.
5-2. Other problems and solutions.
5-3. Common problems and solutions about DSP system.
VI. Electronic drawing
6-1. DSP drawing
6-2. Circuit drawing
6-3. Heavy power drawing
6-4. Control system drawing
6-5. DSP panel drawing
I. Abstract
1. Definition of the model
Constitute of the CNC router
Options: vacuum system, dust collector, air compressor
II. Setting up the CNC router
1. Work environment
1.) No dropping, no steam and no dust place.
2.) Ground is leveled, cleaned and no vibration.
3.) No interfere of electromagnetism
4.) Working environment temperature: -10ºC—40ºC. If the temperature reach to 40ºC, please keep good aeration.
5.) Input voltage is 220V/50Hz 
2. Setting up the machine
1.) Setting up CNC router
① After receiving the CNC router, please check for the following:
a.) Check to make sure that the package includes the thing listed by the manual.
b.) Inspect the unit to assure it was not damaged during shipment.
c.) Make sure that the part number indicated on the nameplate corresponds with the part number of your order.
② Use the cotton yarn to clean the anti-rust oil on the machine and put some lube on the machine.
2.) Setup DSP panel.
First step: Connect the digital cable with the inverter hub on the control box.
Second step: Connect the other end of the digital cable with the DSP panel.
Botton functions on the DSP panel
X+ Positive movement of x axis, Menu upward, figure 1 inputting
Y+ Positive movement of Y axis, accelerate process speed, figure 2 inputting, different property selecting in Menu
Z+ Positive movement of Z axis, figure 3 inputting, rise spindle speed in process
XY-0 Working origin of X axis and Y axis setting, figure 4 inputting
X- Negative movement of X axis; Menu downward, figure 5 inputting
Y- Negative movement of Y axis; slowdown process speed; figure 6 inputting different property selecting in Menu
Z- Negative movement of Z axis, figure 7 inputting, spindle speed adjusting in process  
Z-0 Z axis origin setting; figure 8 inputting
HOME Axes home to machine tool origin, figure 9 inputting
HIGH/LOW Manual moving mode, high speed or low speed selection, figure 0 inputting
ON/OFF Spindle startup/stop, decimal point inputting
MENU Menu setting entering, negative symbol inputting, multi process state checking,
ORIGIN All axes go working origin: confirm of motions /inputting/operating
MODE Manual move, continue, step and distance modes selection
RUN/PAUSE Cut process running/pause/inputted words delete
STOP/CANCEL High/low speed parameter adjust, Cut process stop/selections, inputting and operating cancel
Compound buttons
1.“MENU”+ digit button, switch working coordinate;
2.“MENU”+“ON/OFF” button, C.A.D function;
3.“DELETE”+digit button,stop point process;
RUN/PAUSE”+“HIGH/LOW” button,  advanced process;
ORIGIN”+“STOP/CANCEL”,help information;
There are some compound buttons for special applications. The operating mode is: press the first button and hold then press the second button, release the two buttons at same time.
Home Operating
Home is the machinery origin, Goto home operating refers to make all axes go back machinery origin. Home position depends on home sensor. Normally there are 3 sensors in an engraving machine. Goto home operating sets up the relationship between the machine and the working coordinates. And many system function applications rely on this operating, such as: stop point save, power off reboot and so on.
1. Don’t use this product in strong magnetic filed or interfere environments;
2. Don’t PnP U Disk while it is running a file;
3. Protect it from water, moist, dust and fire:
4. Protect it from metal materials getting into the cover;
5. Forbad to open the cover, there is no any user maintainable parts inside;
Plug U Disk and other lines gentle
1. Goto home parameter includes Home Speed and Home Direction; and those parameter should be adjusted in Menu. Home Speed refers to that 3 axes home speed, normally Z axis home speed should be lower than that of X and Y axes. Home Direction refers to which direction the axes go when it is under home process. It depends on the motor direction and Home sensor’s location and sensor’s property.  
2.  Entering Menu, cursor is on “Machine Setup” item, press 
ORIGIN/OK button, press X- move the cursor to “Home Setup” item, repressORIGIN/OK button to enter it, the cursor is on “Home Speed” item automatic ally, pressORIGIN/OK to enter and set 3 axes speed.
3. Speed limit Press 
ORIGIN/OK to confirm and save the new speed for X axis. The Cursor moves to the Y axis speed item automatically, if it is unnecessary to change the value, press STOP/CANCEL to move to the Z axis speed item. If it is necessary to change the speed, please do the same operating with X axis. When you finish all settings, it will go to former menu.
(5) Introduction about inverter
① When using a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), select a current sensor with sensitivity
of 200mA, and not less than 0.1-second detection time to avoid nuisance tripping.
②Connect these terminals (R/L1, S/L2, T/L3) via a non-fuse breaker or earth leakage breaker
to 3-phase AC power (some models to 1-phase AC power) for circuit protection. It is
unnecessary to consider phase-sequence.
③Do not connect 3-phase models to a 1-phase power source.
④Make sure that the wiring is correct. In particular, check that the output terminals U, V, W.
are not connected to power and that the drive is well grounded.
The introduction inverter panel.
3. Installation of auxiliary equipment.
(1) Installation of vacuum pump.
① Take out the vacuum pump from the package and take out the filter also. Please install the filter on the vacuum pump. (Pic.1)
② Please connect the tubes with vacuum pump and locked it.
③ Take off the cover of power on vacuum pump and connect with the 380V power supply.
④ Please check the rotating direction of the vacuum pump, clockwise rotating is correct.
⑤ Please clean the filter during the use per day.
(2) Installation of dust collector.
① Take out the dust collector from the package and install it according to the manual.
② Connect the power cable with dust collector.
③ Connect the power with dust collector.
④ Please connect the dust collector tube with the dust collector hood and the other end connected with dust collector.
(3) Installation of air compressor.
Connect the power cable with power supply and the other end with air compressor.
4. Introduction of software
 We use Ucancam software (Chinese software), Type3 software (France software) and Artcam software (England software) for our CNC router.
III. Test the machine
(1) Turn on the power of the inverter and check whether it has abnormity. If it has some problems, please power off the machine and check the problems.
(2) When it has been supplied power, it appears on the screen: “Goto Home?”, actually it is a question which needs your answer, press 
ORIGIN/OK means “Yes”, then Z axis moves first, When Z axis arrives its home, then X and Y move. Press RUN/PAUSE means “No”, 3 axes do not move to their homes. Press any other buttons, only Z axis goes to home, X and Y don’t go home;
(3) When it is in Manual state, press HOME and 3 axes will go home; If the machine doesn’t stop when back to home, please check the wire connection of the limit sensor and the damage of the limit sensor.
(4) Turn on the switch of inverter to check whether it has any alarm. If it has alarm, please turn off the power and solve the problem. And then move to next step.
(5)  Press ON/OFF on DSP, the spindle start to rotating. Please check the running sound, direction right or not and whether the inverter has alarm. If it has abnormity, please turn off the power of inverter and check it. Then move to next step.
(6) Check the air compressor, dust collector and vacuum pump working well.
(7) You can use the Inverter to power on/off the spindle.
(8) Turn on the computer and install the driver and software.
(9) Down load a simples G code file to test the accuracy of the machine and then you can use it.
IV. Maintenance
1. Maintenance
(1) Don’t operate, dissemble and repair the machine without authorization or training.
(2) Turn off the power of the machine before the maintenance. Please ask the professional electrician do the inspection when the machine power on.
(3)  Please check the E-stop works well or not.
(4)  Please use the same model parts for the replacement.
(5)  Please do a regular inspection on the thermo emission system.
(6)  Please check the power voltage of the control system.
(7)  Protect the dust fall into the control device.
(8)  The maintenance of the control system if no use for long time. First, it is not good to the CNC machine for long time stock. Please use the machine after getting it. If long time no use, the technical function will be declined. Please do regular inspection on the control system.
2. Lubrication
1.)  Please use proper engine oil 10#.
2.)  Please add the lubricate oil for vacuum pump per three months.
3.)  Please lubricate the linear and ball screw per week.
4.)  Please lubricate the spindle per week.
3.  Other maintenance
1.) Please clean the inlet filter of vacuum pump per day to avoid the dust goes into vacuum pump.
2.) Please clean the outlet filter of the vacuum pump per week.
3.) Please check the neatness of the vacuum pump oil per two months. If the oil becomes black and sticky, please change it.
4.) Please use the air gun to clean the control box per week to protect the component from the dust.
5.) Please ensure the linear and ball without any block from the dust.
6.) Please clean the filter of the cooling machine per week.
7.) Please clean the filter of the cooling funs to ensure the function of the components.
8.)  Please clean the dust from the carousel.
Common problems and solutions
1. DSP controller dies
Change a new DSP controller power supply (+5v) in the control box.
Use the manostat (UPS)
2. The machine doesn’t go home.
Restart the DSP controller
Use a new DSP controller
Reinstall the DSP program ZHBUSB: copy from the CD we sent with the machine.
3. Machine moves to the opposite direction
The cable maybe loose and you can check the cable.
Change the wire port A+ and A- on motor driver: you can find A+ and A-on the driver in the control box.
Change a new red limit sensor.
Change the cable connected with the limit switch.
4. Computer dies when downloading file
Data is inordinate and format the data in DSP controller: MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENANCE=>DATA SETUP=>FORMAT DATA
Enlarge the EMS memory and CPU.
Change a better computer
5. Main spindle doesn’t rotate?
Voltage is too low and use the manostat (UPS)
Check the cable connected with the main spindle
Change a new transducer
Change a new main spindle
Date out of order after being copied and recover the data: MENU=>SYSTEM  MAINTENACE=>DATA SETUP=>RECOVER DATA
6. Machine doesn’t work accurately
Change the motor of every axis or change the motor driver.
Use ground wire
Fasten the linker of the screw ball
7. Engraving size is not right
Change the pulse equivalent according to the type of the machine (screw machine: 320 160 320; gear machine: 127.3 127.3 400: 320,320,320 for XHYZ6090): MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENACE=>SYSTEM PARAMATERS=>PULSE EQUIVALENT
9. Machine doesn’t work after opened (including the machine don’t go home)
The switch is broken, change a new switch
There is something wrong with the power, check or change the power
Check the cable connected with the switch and pin in one side of the cable
10. Machine strikes sideward peg when it is working
The sensor switch is broken or the sheet copper of the sensor switch is distort, change a new sensor switch or fix the sheet copper
The dimension of the machine in controller is not right, reset the dimension according to the working size (the soft limited in the DSP): MANU=>MANUAL SETUP=>MOTION LIMIT.
11. Blade is broken when engraving
If the material is too thick, engraves by steps
Change a better quality blade
Collet is in a wrong position and corrects it.
12. There are some leftover of the material when the machine is working.
Rectify the interspace of the screw of every axis in DSP: MENU=>SYSTEM MAINTENACE=>SCREW INTERSPACE
Change the bearing on the screw ball
Fasten the linker of Y axis (for ball screw machine)
13. Red sensor switch is ok but can’t stop the machine
Sensor switch is dirty and clean it
Sheet copper is too far away from the red sensor switch, the best distance is 1-2mm
When we operate machine manually, the sensor switch doesn’t work
14.  Add machine in soft ware TYPE3
Open the TYPE3, and find the machining=> set up machines =>choose the FAUNC OMD in CNC machines=>ok
15. X-axis or y-axis doesn’t move.
Usually it is the problem of the stepper motor, driver and cable connected with the x-axis or y-axis, check them and correct
16. How to protect the vacuum hold down table
Don’t hollow out the material when engraving
17. How to change Chinese version to English (DSP)
Open English version ZHBUSB, Download Controller Menu and Download Label.
18. How to solve the problem of message over Z + limited in Type3
When we use software TYPE3, we need to set up machine. When we set up machines, the initial position and end position of Z-axis are the same and higher than the Z between contours.
19. How to change the language of TYPE3 from Chinese to English
 Open the soft ware type3 and press the button F10. It will appear option windows. You can choose English
20. Oil of the vacuum pump used for vacuum system CNC router.
Use engine oil #68

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