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Woodworking rotary cnc router/ rotary engraving cnc machine

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Woodworking rotary cnc router rotary engraving cnc machinerotary engraving cnc machine Performancefeatures:1 Supplyvar

Woodworking rotary cnc router/ rotary engraving cnc machine














rotary engraving cnc machine Performance features:

1.Supply various cnc machinery rotary ,meet your different processing requirements.


2.Adopt imported linear square guide,ensure higher positioning accuracy of cnc machinery rotary .


3.Handle controlling, not occupying computer resource, one computer can control several e cnc machinery rotary.


4.Own functions of restoring from power off,continuation from break point,repeat engraving,support nine coordinate positioning,friendly designing.


5.Be compatible with various CAD/CAM software as TYPE3/Artcam/Casmate/Artcut etc.


Parameter of rotary engraving cnc machine:


Model AKM10R
Guideway XYZ-axis use liner guideway
Driving mode X rack, Y cylinder, Z ball screw
working area 150*1200mm
Z-axis 200 mm
Feeding height 350 mm
Spindle   Speed 0-24000mm/min
Processing speed 20000mm/min
Mechanical precision ±0.1mm/300mm
Compatible Software Type 3 software ,   Artcut software ,   Artcam software
Spindle 10*2.2KW water cooling spindles(Optional)
Power source AC220V/380V 50HZ 
Driver type Servo motor
Memory Without or DSP
Blade diameter 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12.7mm
Control system NCSTUDIO or DSP(USB interface)
Command G code , u00, mmg, plt, HPGL
Running circumstance temperature 0-45degree
Relative humidity 30%-75%


Samples of rotary engraving cnc machine:






We use the wooden case with export standard for packaging and choose the professional transport company for every customer! PLS Rest Assured!!!

 company infos


If you want to make sure whether this rotary engraving cnc machine suitable for your material, please tell me:
1.What materials do you want to engrave?

   Different types cnc machine apply to different material.
2.What’s the max size of your material?(Length *width* thickness)
   Once you tell me this information of your material, then I'll recommend you the most suitable machine and the best price for you. And we can also customize one for you or send you a solution.


This is the first time I use this kind of rotary engraving cnc machine. Is it easy to operate? 
Yeah. Don’t worry about this.

1. English guide video and instruction book are sent to you free together with the rotary engraving cnc machine .
2. Free training course in our factory. Engineers are also available to serve overseas if necessary.
3. 24 hours technical support by calling, video and email.


Please contact me for the details :

Beck Guo

Email: export at

Skype: acctek.beck

Mob, whatsapp: +86-15098848753

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