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Automatic tool changer CNC Router

ATC mini cnc milling machine with tool changer AKM6090C

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Atc cnc router 6090​*Standard configuration of atc cnc router 6090

Atc cnc router 6090




*Standard configuration of atc cnc router 6090.


#.Working area: 600x900x200mm.

#.Working voltage: 220v ,50/60hz ,1 phase.

#.2.2kw water cooling ATC spindle.

#.4 pcs tool changer.

#.Cast iron body.

#.Taiwan Hiwin 20mm guide rails.

#.Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission.

#.Leadshine easy servo motor 86HSM80-E1.

#.Leadshine H2758 driver.

#.Mach3 control system, usb connection.

#.Shanghai Fuling inverter.

#.2.2kw single dust collector.

#.Auto oil lubrication device

#.X axis dust proof.

#.Limit switch device on X,Y,Z axis.

#.T-slot table.

#.Tool box with wrench, etc. 

#.Water pump for cooling the spindle.

#.Tool sensor for calibrition.


#.8GB Flish disk with software , user manual. 

#.ArtCam and Type3 software included.

#.Adjustable foot for unflat ground.

#.Plywood box package.

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Machine Introduction


1. Machine images of atc cnc router 6090.


atc cnc router engraving.JPG


6090 auto tools changer.JPG


2. Features of 6090 atc cnc router.


(1)Advanced Control System:

Mach3 or Advanced DSP numerical control system and large liquid crystal display brings out much convenient operation and simpler maintenance.
Special intelligent pre-calculating system fully develops the potential of the engine and leads to high speed processing of smoother curves and straight lines simultaneously. 

(2)Large Memory and Perfect Data Transmission:
Large internal memory of 32M is enough to simultaneously store more than 30 processing files which can be read freely.
Apply USB interface (plug and play) to communicate with computer under the system of win98/NT/2000/XP, which can instantly complete transmission.

(3)Powerful Compatibility:
Internationalized directives ensure that it is compatible with CAD / CAM software like type3/ artcam/ castmate/ proe/ UG/ Artcut etc, home and abroad.

(4)Intelligent and Humanized Design:
Intelligent control of spindle makes it able to auto-start and auto-stop, which is more safely, convenient and power-saving.
(5)Powerful Diamond Drill:
Powerful frequency changing spindle enables the machine to cut organic glass of 30mm~50mm thick in one cut.


3. Parameters of atc cnc router 6090.


X,Y,Z Working Area  600x900x200mm
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.01/300mm 
X,Y,Z repositioning Accuracy  ±0.03mm 
Table Surface  T-slot Extrusions with water channel optional
Frame Cast Iron
X, Z Structure TBI Ball Screw
Y Structure Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
Max. Power Consumption (Without spindle)  3KW
Max. Rapid Travel Rate  4000mm/min
Max. Working Speed 2000mm/min
Spindle Power Motor 1.5KW / 2.2KW 
Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
Drive Motors  Stepper System
Working Voltage AC220V/50/60Hz 
Command Language  G code
Operating System Mach3 / DSP 
Interface USB
Flash Memory 128M( U Disk) 
Collet ER20/ER11/ER16
X,Y Resolution  <0.01mm
Software Compatibility  Type3 / Ucancam / Artcam 
Running Environment Temperature: 0°C~45°C 
Relative humidity: 30%~75%


Main Configurations


1. Changsheng water cooling ATC spindle, 4 pcs tool chager, Auto oil lubrication device, Tool sensor.


cnc router atc.jpg


2. Single bag dust collector(including dust cover, dust pipe), Oil mist separator, Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission, Taiwan Hiwin 20mm rails.


small atc cnc router.jpg


3. Control box: Mach3 control system, Leadshibe H2758 driver, Fuling inverter,  Leakage protector etc.


cnc router with atc.jpg


4. Optional parts: Vacuum table with 2.2kw vacuum water pump, Mist spraying system, 4 axis rotary axis device.

 wood cnc atc




1. Wood Processing: Processing density boards ,stiletto for surfing boards ,processing of marbles ,cabinet and furniture.

2. Craft: Engraving characters of any language and patterns on gifts and souvenirs ,promitive processing and shaping of arttistic crafts and stiletto .

3. Advertisment: Engraving and cutting of various labels and number plate ,marble,ect for aristic effects on materials including marble ,brass ,steel and other metallic material

4. Moulding: Engraving and cutting of various labels and number plate ,marble,ect for aristic effects on materials including marble ,brass ,steel and other metallic material

5. Artitechtural models: Engraving fine window ,fencing and wall patterns .ect.

6. Seal: Engraving seals and medal on materials such as buffalo horn ,wood ,ect.


cnc router.jpg


wood cnc.jpg


wood atc machine.jpg


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