Automatic tool changer CNC Router
Automatic tool changer CNC Router


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Automatic tool changer CNC Router

High speed atc cnc router machine atc woodworking cnc routers AKG1212C

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ATC CNCRouter Machine AKG1212C, working area 1200*1200*200mm, with 4pcs linear tool changer

ATC CNC Router Machine 1212



1. Machine image of atc cnc router 1212.




2. Main configuration of atc cnc router 1212.


#.Working area: 1200x1200x200mm
#.Working voltage: 220v ,50/60hz ,1 phase
#.2.2kw water cooling ATC spindle
#.4 pcs tool changer
#.Cast iron body
#.Taiwan high precision 20mm guide rails
#.Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission
#.Leadshine easy servo motor HBS758
#.Mach3 control system, usb connection
#.Shanghai Fuling inverter
#.Leadshine M860 driver
#.Dust collector
#.Limit switch device on X,Y,Z axis
#.Vacuum table with 5.5kw vacuum water pump
#.Tool box with wrench, etc
#.Water pump for cooling the spindle
#.Tool sensor for calibrition
#.8GB Flish disk with software , user manual
#.ArtCam and Type3 software included
#.Adjustable foot for unflat ground
#.Plywood box package


3. Machine features of atc cnc router 1212.


(1) It is widely used for production of cabinet door, solid wooden door, computer desk, assembling furniture and large area and mass engraving on MDF and HDF, wood board, plane cutting, 3D embossment, etc.
(2) Configured with imported tool magazine of 4 tools the machine can change tools speedy and freely.
(3) Tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length.
(4) Mach3 control system, separated keyboard control, color LCD display , 20mm Hiwin/PMI linear guide rail and TBI ball screw from Taiwan.


4. Machine parameters of atc cnc router 1212.

Machine Model
Table Size
X, Y Resolution
XYZ traveling positioning accuracy
XYZ repetition accuracy
Table Surface
Vacuum table with 5.5kw vacuum water pump
Iron Cast Steel
X, Z Structure
Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
Y Structure
Hiwin 20mm guide rails and TBI Ball Screw
Max. power Consumption
Max. Rapid Travel Rate
Max. Working Speed
Spindle Power Motor
2.2kw water cooling ATC spindle
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
Leadshine easy servo motor HBS758
Working Voltage
Command Language
G code
Control System
4 axis Mach3 with USB
Net weight
Gross weight
Strong plywood case

5. Main Configurations

(1) 2.2KW water cooling ATC spindle, 4 Pcs tool changer, Oil mist separator.


small atc cnc router.jpg


(2) Taiwan Hiwin 20mm guide rails, Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission, Dust collector, Water Pump for cooling spindle, Vacuum table with 5.5kw vacuum water pump.


wood cnc atc.jpg


(3) Control box (Fuling inverter, Mach 3 control system, Leadshine easy servo motor and drivers HBS758), Tool sensor, Manual oil lubrication device.


cnc atc abletec 6090.jpg


(4) Optional parts: 4th Rotary device for cylinder work, Automatic oil lubrication device, Yaskawa servo motor, Mist spraying system.


woodworking cnc router.jpg


6. Samples


(1) Woodworking industry:wood,door,furniture,cup board,table..Applicable of 3d cnc wood router
(2) Advertising industry:logo,double color board,acrylic cutting...
(3) Die industry:sculpture of copper,aluminium,iron and other metal molds...







7. Contact us.

Sales manager: Jenny Yin

Skype: acctek02


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Wechat: Y1663197936

Please feel free to contact us,we will supply service within 24 hours.


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