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Automatic tool changer CNC Router

Mach3 controller AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc router with good price

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Mach3 controller AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc routerAppication of AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc rou
                     Mach3 controller AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc router

ATC woodworking cnc router
Appication of  AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc router
1. Wood working industry: mainly used in redwood classical and antique furniture, wood carving, gifts wooden box,redwood jewelry boxes, ink-stone cutting, decorative products sculpture, fine jewelry carving.
2. Advertising industry: engrave and cut various signboards, marble, copper, character mold, fonts. And various metal sign, brand.
3. Craft & gift industry: engrave various word or graph on the souvenir and handicraft, ironwork engraving, dials.
4. Model industry: company plate, signs, building models, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, signs of decoration, shoes, badge, embossed mould, biscuit, candy, chocolate mould.
5. Other lines: also used in portraits, landscapes, calligraphy lettering, seal carving and other plane surface carving,basso-relievo.

Main configuration of AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc router:

# Working area: 1300*2500*250mm
# T-slot Vacuum table with vacuum pump
# 9.0KW Changsheng or HSD ATC spindle
# Taiwan Delta servo motor and drivers
# Mach3 control system, USB interface, laptop is not included.
# Automatic tool changer, 8 pieces in total
# X Y axis helical rack and gear transmission
# Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission
# Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rails
# Taiwan Delta inverter
# Oil lubrication
# Tool calibration
# Pins positioning system
# Standard tool box etc



                             AKM1325C ATC woodworking cnc router
1   Working size 1300*2500*250mm
2 Spindle 9KW Italy air cooling spindle ,with automatic tool changer function
3 Control system:  
Mach3 controller, USB interface
4 Motors Delta servo motors and drivers 
5 Table:  vavuum table and T slot
6 Transmission

X,Y :Gear rack, HIWIN square guide rail,

Z: ball screw TBI and hiwin square guide rail

7  inverter Delta
8 Limited switch High sensitivity limited switches
9 Optional : other control system:  NK260, NK300, Syntec etc
Water cooling ATC spindle:  Chinese spindle
Rotay with diamater 80mm,125mm,150mm,200mm,300mm
Chinese water vacuum pump, oil free vacuum pump or German vacuum pump
Dust collector
Mist flow cooling system

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