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Cnc wood machine mini 3d cnc router wood AKG1212 of hot sale

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If you interest in it, pls feel free to contact me: E-mail: export31@acctekcnc com Whatsapp: +86 17853465932

Cnc wood machine mini 3d cnc router wood AKG1212 of hot sale



1.Photo of mini advertising cnc router machine AKG1212.
2.Main Features of mini advertising cnc router machine AKG1212.


1) Strong steel structure, good rigidity, non-forming, durable.

2) High precision makes it suitable for the arts and crafts advertising industry.

3) Design: interf  ace use of international standard G code instructions, carving compatible at home and abroad, easy     to operate it. high quality with reasonable price , economic.  

4) High speed driver and stepper motor could enhance work efficiency.


3.Technical Parameters of mini advertising cnc router machine AKG1212.

1 Model Name Mini cnc router AKG1212
2 X Y Z working area 1200*1200*200mm
3 Whole structure High bed Cast iron structure
4 Table surface Vacuum table 
5 Movement parts Taiwan TBI Ball screw transmition
6 Spindle  Water cooling spindle
7 Spindle speed 24000 RPM
8 Drive Motor Nema34 stepper motor and Leadshine M860 drivers
9 Max. Rapid Travel Rate 16000 mm/min
10 Max. Working speed 8000mm/min
11 Control System Mach3
12 Software Type3, Artcam, Ucancam
13 Machine precision 0.01mm
14 Repositioning precision 0.03mm
15 Command G code
16 Working Voltage AC 220-one phase, 50/60HZ
17 Machine Size 1800*1970*1620mm
18 Net weight 550KG
19 Dust Collector Optional 
20 Color Can be customized as you like

4.Detail images of mini advertising cnc router machine AKG1212.


(1).Changsheng water cooling spindle with high speed 24000 rpm.


cnc machine1.jpg


(2).Vacuum working table with aluminum profile and PVC.


cnc machine11.jpg


(3).Shanghai Fuling inverter, filter and power leakage protector,voltage transformer.Leadshine M860 drivers, Mach3 controller card. 


cnc router1.jpg


5..Optional parts for mini advertising cnc router machine.


1) Air cooling spindle motor and t-slot table.

2) Rotary axis and DSP control system.


cnc machine21.jpg

6.Mini advertising cnc router machine AKG1212 working samples.


1) Mould: wood,wax, wood, gypsum,foams,wax.

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