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AKM1325-4R rotary woodworking cnc router

2015-11-21 14:57:02   views: 

Rotary woodworking cnc router AKM1325-4RRotary woodworking cnc router 1325Application:Furnitureprocessingindustry,Decorati
Rotary woodworking cnc router AKM1325-4R 
rotary woodworking cnc router

Rotary woodworking cnc router 1325 Application

Furniture processing industry, Decoration, Wooden art crafts ,Wooden door, cabinet making.

Rotary woodworking cnc router  1325 Materials:

Wood , Plastic , Aluminum , acrylic, PVC, Composite panel , MDF, etc.

rotary woodworking cnc router
rotary woodworking cnc router

Rotary woodworking cnc router 1325 Feature:

1)integrally cast lathe bed, solid and stable ,high rigidity and high accuracy.

2)Imported high accuracy ball screw ensures more stable movement and high accuracy.

3)water cooling spindle, low noise, vigorous cutting strength and long time mass processing.

4)Compatible software: Open style software interface. Our software is compatible with 

TYPE3/ARTCAM/CASTMATE/UG and many other kinds of CAD/CAM software, can change the working file into G code, guarantee that the design does not have the barrier.

Model AKM1325-4R
Guideway XYZ-axis use liner guideway
Driving mode XY-axis use rack and 
Z-axis use Linear Square screw
XY-axis working area 2500*1300mm
Z-axis working area 80 mm - 200 mm optional
Feeding height 250 mm
Spindle   Speed 0-24000mm/min
Processing speed 20000mm/min
Mechanical precision ±0.1mm/300mm
Compatible Software Type3,Artcut,Artcam etc CAD CAM software
Spindle 2.2KW/3.0KW
Power source AC220V/380V 50HZ 
Driver type stepper motor or servo motor
Memory Without or DSP
Blade diameter 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12.7mm
Control system NC STUDIO or DSP, Mach3 (USB interface)
Command G code , u00, mmg, plt, HPGL
Running circumstance temperature 0-45degree
Relative humidity 30%-75%



Rotary woodworking cnc router 1325 details:

rotary woodworking cnc router

rotary woodworking cnc router



Rotary woodworking cnc router 132samples:

rotary woodworking cnc router
rotary woodworking cnc router

rotary woodworking cnc router

rotary woodworking cnc router



Contact details:
rotary woodworking cnc router                                                      


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