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professional automatic feeding laser cutting machine

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1 Autofeedingsystem,applynettedplatformwithspecialdesign,veryconvenientforfreemovementofprocessingpieces 2 Bigsizetomeetlargeforma

automatic feeding laser cutting machine1.Autofeeding system, apply netted platform with special design, very convenient for free movement of
 processing pieces.

2. Big size to meet large format cutting.

3. Control system with USB interface.

4.machine is the double-head auto feeding laser cutting machine which is independently researched and
improved by bodor, it is one high speed and scientific auto feeding device . After improvement, it achieves, it achieves to keep on working and collecting material automatically, and make sure the integrity of material at same time.

5. with electric laser head that can move freely, you could adjust distance between two heads according your needs. It is no need to move by hand any more .Each head can finish whole format processing work independently.

automatic feeding laser cutting machine

double Laser head

double laser head
Control panel
control panel

Automatic feeding system
automatic feedingautomatic feeding laser cutting machinewater chiller
water chiller
Cutting, engraving and punching soft materials, such as all sorts of clothing, leather, carpet, suede fabric, denim jeans, stuffed toys, textiles, industrial fabrics etc.

After-Sales Service
We guarantee all of our laser machines have 18months  warranty (quick-wear parts not included).
Numerous feedbacks from our clients have proven that our laser machines are stable in performance with rare malfunction. However, we would like to handle it as follows once malfunction occurs:
1.We guarantee we will give you a clear reply within 24 hours.
2. Customer service staff will assist and guide you to analyze the malfunction in order to locate the cause.
3. If the malfunction is caused by improper operation on software and other soft faults, we will help solve the problem on line.
4. If it is proved that a certain part is damaged, we will deliver a replacement part to you as soon as possible, so you can replace it by yourself, reducing unnecessary time cost.
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