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Laser metal cutting machine

2019 popular stainless steel Handheld fiber laser welding/soldering machine pric

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fiber laser welding
Product Description
fiber laser welding
Product description
1. This machine adopts 1000 watt fiber laser, which has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and long laser life; 2. The laser beam quality is very good, the welding speed is fast, is more than 5 times the speed of the traditional optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, the weld is fine, the depth is large, the taper is small, the precision is high, can fully meet the needs of users in different industries, and the welding is firm. Smooth and flat; 3.The whole machine has low energy consumption, maintenance-free, high stability, and long-term use can save users a lot of processing costs; 4. Can be time splitting or energy splitting, suitable for different processing applications, support both continuous welding and spot welding. 5.The hand-held welding gun replaces the previously fixed optical path, and the welding is hand-held, flexible and convenient, and the welding distance is longer, and the limitation of the space of the worktable is overcome, and the workpiece cannot be automatically welded when the workpiece size is not uniform. Mainly for large workpieces, fixed positions such as inner right angle, outer right angle, flat weld welding, small heat affected area during welding, small deformation, large welding depth and firm welding. It is a relatively flexible new welding process for welding large workpieces at a long distance.
Fiber Laser Scource
Adopting famous brands (Raycus, JPT, MAX, IPG and other brands), the photoelectric conversion rate is greatly improved, laser power is enhanced, has better welding effect, can according to the needs of customers with different configurations to meet customer needs.
Portable handheld welding head
Portable handheld welding head is the biggest character of the machine. Instead of the fixed welding head,it offers so much welding convenience for welding.
Water chiller 
One of the biggest convenience of the machine is the inside water chiller. It saves a lot of the machine's dimension.It is constant temperature industrial type.
Small occupation
Combine the water machine and the main unit into one machine, which saves space and is easy to move.
Device parameters
laser device
Continuous fiber laser
The laser wavelength
Average output power
The minimum spot
fiber length
Rated power
Cold power of cold water mechanism
Built-in water machine
Demand for electricity
External dimensions/net weight
Equipment configuration: 
1)1000W A set of continuous laser 2)One laser fiber 3)A set of QBA welding heads 4)One set of 1.5P water chiller(inside)
Product sample display
Fiber laser welding
Company Profile
laser machine
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