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Laser metal cutting machine

300W/500W/750W/1000W fiber laser cutting machine for CS SS AKJ1325F

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Fiber laser cutting machine 1325, cutting area is 1300*2500mm, with Raycus laser generator and Au3tech cutting hedas

Fiber laser cutting machine 1325




1. Standard configuration of laser cutting machine.


#. Raycus laser generator 
#. Au3tech cutting head and controller 
#. Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission
#. Taiwan HIWIN 25mm guide rails 
#. Delta 750w servo motor and drivers
#. Water chiller
#. Taiwan Airtac pneumatic element

2. Machine structure of fiber laser cutting machine.




3. Machine applications of fiber laser machine.


Ship Building, Construction Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aerospace Industry, Bridge Building, military industrial, wind power, Structural Steel, Boiler containers, Agriculture Machinery, Chassis electrical cabinets, Elevator manufacturers, Textile Machinery, Environmental protection equipment,Aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc.

4. Machine features of metal fiber cutting machine.

#. High speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost
#. Easy on operation, fiber optical path, without tediously adjustment on optical path
#. Compact structure, good sealing, strongly adaptable to changes in the environment.
#. With the perfect automatic nesting system which can save time, save the materials, the sheet utilization ratio up to 95%
#. Moving crossbeam, imported high precision racks and linear guide rail, stable transmission, high precision.
#. Using professional and powerful Shanghai Cypcut fiber cutting controlling system that based on Windows operating system, with good Human Machine Interaction and easy operation. 
#. Laser is produced without gas and it could use air to cut sheet metal
#. Machine frame, crossbeam and worktable adopt integral welding structure. With stress relief annealing and vibration stress relief treatment, it can completely eliminate the welding and processing stress, maintaining high strength and precision, keeping the normal use of 20 years without deformation


5. Machine parameters of metal cutting machine.


Model AKJ1325F
Working area 1300*2500mm
Control System Au3tech               
Laser head Au3tech cutting head
Guide rail Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail 25mm
Transmission Taiwan TBI ballscrew
Electronic Components Taiwan Airtac pneumatic element
Motor Delta servo motor and drivers 750w
Max Cutting Speed 35m/min
X axis max speed 65m/min
Y axis max speed 100m/min
Z axis max speed 30m/min
X axis max acceleration 1G
Y axis max acceleration 1G
Cooling Way Water Cooling CW6000
Min line width 0.1mm
Power Requirements 380V, 50/60Hz 
Continuous Working Time 24Hours



6. Main Configurations of metal cutting machine.


7. Machine sample of metal cutting machine.

(1) Application industry.


Ship Building, Construction Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aerospace Industry, Bridge Building, military industrial, wind power, Structural Steel, Boiler containers, Agriculture Machinery, Chassis electrical cabinets, Elevator manufacturers, Textile Machinery, Environmental protection equipment,Aerospace technology, rocket, plane, robot, elevator, steamship and automobile manufacturing and metal parts processing industry for metal plate, advertisement, kitchen ware, bit tool, hardware etc.


(2) Application materials.

Our fiber cutting machine can work on the following materials : steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed. Applies to iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, White Steel plate, Titanium plates, and so on like the sheet metal.






8. Contact us.

Sales manager: Jenny Yin

Skype: acctek02


Whatsapp/Tel: +86-18353150175

Wechat: Y1663197936

Please feel free to contact us,we will supply service within 24 hours. 

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