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Laser metal cutting machine

Mini cheap 6040 1390 metal fiber laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel

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Working area: 600*400mm, also can choose larger 1300*900mm Enclosed structure ensure safety

Mini cheap 6040 1390 metal fiber laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel 

1. Brief Introduction. 

High precision fiber laser cutting machine AKJ6040F, adopt imported Japan Panasonic AC servo motor drive system, machine movement using Taiwan TBI ball screw drive, linear guide to ensure that the equipment of high speed, high precision, high reliability, widely used in glasses frame, electronics, electrical appliances and other precision machinery hardware, microelectronics industry.


2. Technical Parameter.


Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ6040F

Engraving size


Overall dimensions


Laser power


Max running speed


Reposition accuracy


Working voltage


Applications metal

Stainless steel; Carbon steel; Iron; Aluminum; Copper, etc.

Max acceleration


Max load-bearing of work table


Power consumption of whole machine

≤ 11KW

Supported file format                                   


Driving system

Japan Panasonic servo  motors

Cooling type

Water-cooling by chiller

Transmission mode

 Grinding precision ball screw drive

Laser control software

Shanghai Cypcut with handwheel

Compatible software

CorelDraw  AutoCAD  Photoshop

Net weight


3. Applications. 

Application industry:
Electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliance manufacturing, cooking utensils, tools machinery , such as a variety of machinery manufacturing and processing industry.

Applicable materials:
Sheet metal carbon, iron, stainless steel, Aluminum and coper, has good quality to cut 0.5-12 mmcarbon steel, 0.5-5 mm stainless steel and all kinds of other metal.


4. Machine Details. 


5. Main Features.

- 600 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, 24 hours with the furnace cooling, 8 m gantry milling finishing, precision carbon dioxide protection welding, to ensure that 20 years of normal use without deformation.

- Guide installation and commissioning using precision collimator test, the accuracy of less than 0.01mm.

- Taiwan grinding TBI ball screw drive, very high precision. 

- High precision, fast speed, smooth cutting surface without burrs.

- Configuration Jwith apan Panasonic servo system transmission, high power and accuracy. 

- Fully enclosed shield protection, very safe when cutting metal sheet. 

6. More Samples. 


The machine laser source can be with Raycus brand, or Germany imported IPG brand as option. Laser power can be 300w / 500w / 750w / 1000w / 1500w, etc. Working size also can be larger to 1300*900mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, etc. 

If you have any interest cutting metal, pls kindly let me know:

- What working area do you want? (It depends on your sheet size)
- What type metal you want to cut? 
- What thickness of every different type metal sheet?
- Do you need us arrange shipping or will arrange by yourself? 

7. My contact information:

Branch manager: Jenny Yin
Whatsapp & Wechat: +86 18353150175
Skype: acctek02
Facebook: AccTek Jenny Yin

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