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Laser metal cutting machine

500W fiber laser cutting machine

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500W fiber laser cutting machine500W fiber laser cutting machine features and advantages:1 Compare with the plasma


500W fiber laser cutting machine

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500W fiber laser cutting machine features and advantages:

1. Compare with the plasma cutting, it has the high precision cutting for different kinds of metal materials, like cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, silver, titanium and other metal materials below 6 mm.


2. Compare with the NC, which can cut any complicated process and shape.No noise and no need to open any moulds at all.


3. Compare with linear cutting, which has much faster speed,100 times higher than it.


4. Double lead screw to drive, Small heat affected zone, good dimension stability. Flat and handsome laser-slotted, without later process


5. High performance/price ratio: the price is only 1/8 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine and 2/5 of the equivalent NC Punch


6. Low use cost: only USD2 per hour which is 1/8-1/10 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine (USD22-USD35 per hour)


7. Low follow-up maintenance cost: only 1/10-1/15 of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine and 1/3-1/4 the equivalent NC Punch


8. Steady performance: as a mature laser apparatus, the Fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for most metal manufacturing and processing industry.




500W fiber laser cutting machine technical parameters



Machine Name

AKJ1325F fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine


Laser machine cutting area

1300x2500mm/ 1500x3000mm(Optional)


Cutting thickness



Laser power

500watt fiber laser


Laser wave length



Rated power



Water chiller power



Transmission system

Imported ballscrew/ Gear rack(optional)


X.Y axis location accuracy



X.Y axis repeat location accuracy



X.Y axis max moving speed 



Max cutting speed



Min cutting line with



Machine area size



Detailed photos


Machine details about the 500W fiber laser cutting machine:

fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine (6)


fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine (1)


1. Support different images format as Al, DXF, PLT, Gerber, can read standard ISO G codes from MaterCam, Type3 such nesting software.


  2.  Automatically optimization when open or lead in DXF file, like delete repeated line, merge connected lines, recognize  in/out cutting file and file sorting out.User can decide to manually do above work, or let controller do it automatically.


  3.  Support conventional picture edit functions


  4.  Following what you see is what you get, to set lead in/out, kerf compensation, merge, bridge, over burning, save gap 


  5.  Unique function of Preview of cutting work flow.


  6.  Support segmental pierce, Progressive pierce, Pre-pierce, support separately setting laser watt, frequency, laser type,air type, pressure, auto cutting height during pierce and cutting.


  7.  Support to set separate lead in/out speed according to adjustment of laser power.


  8.  Big storage, allowing user to save all cutting parameters to use it again on same material.


  9.  Breakpoint recovery, CNC can return to the point where the cutting stopped, allowing partial file cutting. 

       It can go to any point to start there after stop or pause.



Some samples shows by 500W fiber laser cutting machine:


fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine (4)


fiber laser sheet metal cutting machine (5)

Company Information



company info

Jinan wood ATC CNC router machine price/Jinan AccTek automatic tool changer ATC cnc woodworking router 1325/ATC spindle

Packaging & Shipping




Our Services


After-sale service:

1).24 hours technical support by Email or Calling.


 2). English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining.

 3).  Hardware: 1.5 years on all parts (without person damaged).

                       Software: Whole life on update for free.

                     Maintenance and technological support: Whole life.

 4).Engineers available to service machinery overseas.



How to choose a good 500w fiber laser cutting machine?

1. Machine quality. 

   If you plan to choose the cheapest 500w fiber laser cutting machine, the quality can't be guaranteed. The quality is the most important factors should be considered first before choosing a 500w fiber laser cutting machine. 
2. Future more, after-sales service is very important too. 

   Good after-sales service represent th

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