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Stainless steel laser cutter cnc yag metal laser cutting machine price

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cnc yag metal laser cutting machine price, can cut steel plate, circular steel tube, square steel tube Cutting thickness is 0-10mm stainless steel
Stainless steel laser cutter cnc yag metal laser cutting machine price


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YAG metal laser cutting machine Features and benefits: 


1. High accuracy for high precision parts and letter cutting.

2. Fast speed: 100 times speed than wire cutting.

3. Small hot affecting area keeps flat and nice cutting line.

4. High performance to price ratio: the price is only 1/3 of that of CO2 laser cutter and 2/5 of that of CNC.

5. Low using cost:only 1/8~1/10 of same power CO2 laser cutting machine, 2.5USD/per hour.

6. Low maintenance cost: only 1/10~1/15 of same power CO2 laser cutting machine, only 1/3~1/4 of same power.

7. Top Best stable performance YAG module.

8. Compared with CNC Punching machine, YAG laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

(1)finish all kinds of complicated processing and any images that are drawn on the computer can be processed.

(2)No need moulds products can be manufactured immediately once design in computer. New design products make faster and saving cost.

(3)Height-adjustable laser head ,good for planar and curved surface cutting.

(4)Many complicated processing can be done which CNC punching machine cannot do.

(5)Cutting surface is smoother than CNC punching machine. High level in appearance.

(6)Already finished box(height within 0.5m)needs to add slots, works well by YAG cutting machine. CNC punching machine cannot be done.


Technical Parameter for yag metal laser cutting machine price




Working area


Laser media


Laser wavelength


Laser power


Impulse frequency


Location accuracy


Repeat location accuracy


Min cutting kerf


Cutting thickness


Location speed


Max cutting speed

100mm/s(different material, different speed)

Power supply

Three-phase AC380V±10%,50Hz

Working table

Rack working platform

Control system

Googol control system(including software)

Location system

Red dot indicator

Dynamic focusing device


Water cooling system

Constant temperature water chiller

Machine weight


Machine dimension



Optional accessories for yag metal laser cutting machine price





Air compressor and Cold dryer

1 set


Stabilized voltage supply

1 pc


Rotary device



Fixing device




YAG metal laser cutting machine Application


Materials: stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, iron, galvanized iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, gold, silver, titanium plates, metal sheets, metal plates, metal tubes and pipes, etc.


Industries: advertising signs, metal letters, sheet metal processing, metals components and parts, ironware, chassis, racks & cabinets processing, kitchen ware, metal crafts, metal artwork, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, jewelry, glasses frame, nameplates, electronic parts, etc.


YAG metal laser cutting machine details


Machine control platform:

laser power supply:
7.7kw laser cooling system: 
High quality ball screw PMI: 
Adjust the height of laser head automatically:

Samples of yag metal laser cutting machine price:


YAG samples.jpg





Power supply must be three-phase 380V/50Hz

Keep machine far away from punch press etc. keep foundations stable.

Keep machine in no-smoking, no-dust work environments

Keep water in water chiller clean. Purified water, de-ionized water and distilled water are best choices.

Keep assist gas dry and cold

Regularly clean transmission system

YAG laser cutting machine adopts two xenon lamps as excitation source. Xenon lamp’s life is limited. So xenon lamp is consumable parts. Please change new xenon lamp if you find the laser power is not enough.


Quality control of yag metal laser cutting machine price:





1) This is the first time I use this kind of YAG metal laser cutting machine, is it easy operate ?

There are english manual or guide video that show how to use YAG metal laser cutting machine.

If there is still have any question, we can talk from phone or skype.


2) If machine have any problem after I ordered it, how could I do ?

Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem.

Free after-sales service life for machine, please feel free contact us if your machine have any problem.

we will give you 24hours service from phone and skype or go to your home for after-sale service


3) MOQ ?

Our MOQ is 1 set machine. We could send machine to your country port or your factory directly, please tell

us your port name or your detailed address. There will be best shipping freight and machine price send to you


4) What is your after sale service and warranty ?

1.1.5 years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.

2.Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

3.Free training course at our plant.

4.We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

5.24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.

6.Machine has been adjusted before delivery.

7.Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.



Contact me


Neko Ge

Skype: acctek08

QQ: 3219316877

WhatsApp: +8618866862006

Wechat: +8613455403351


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