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Fiber laser marking machine 20W 30W 50W metal fiber laser marking machine price

2018-07-13 17:55:43   views: 

Fiber laser marking machine 20W 30W 50W metal fiber laser marking machine price
Fiber laser marking machine 20W 30W 50W metal fiber laser marking machine price 



Product Description


1. Raycus - China best brand laser source;

2. With 2D working table for tiny adjustment;

3. With 80mm diameter rotary for cylinder products marking;

4. Marking 20 letters with 0.8s;

5. Mark on many materials such as stainless, carbon, alumnium, brass, gold, silver, zinc.

6. Small package. You can ship it by air, by TNT, by DHL, by FedEx.

7. We offer machine user manual in English. (Also can offer in different languages.)



Technical parameters


Product Model


Laser source

 Raycus made in China(optional Germany IPG or Britain SPI)

Laser Power


Laser Length


Quality of Lase Beam


Laser Repetition Frequency

≤100 KHz

Standard Marking Area


Optical Marking Area

110*110mm,200*200mm, 300*300mm

Engraving Depth


Engraving Speed


Minimum Line Width


Minimum Character


Resolution Ratio


Gross Power


Working Voltage


Details photos


1. Raycus fiber laser source

The machine equip with Raycus /IPG/JPT fiber laser according to customer demand .Perfect laser beam and long life time 100000 hours .

2.Digital Galvanometer scanner system

Fast response speed ,unique servo technology can effectively reduce the electromagnetic interference of the environment ,improve the stability of long -term work .

3.T-theta scan lens

Wavelength brand ,made in Singapore ,fast speed ,long life time .


4. Control system

EZ-CAD control system with stable performance and high reliability ,complex function ,ensure long time working


5. Red Light Pointer

2 times red pointer ,easy get focus depth ,view correct working position before






application &samples


Applicable Materials:

Fiber Laser Marking Machine is suitable for all kinds of metal, industrial plastic, electroplating,

metal coated materials, rubbers, ceramics and so on.


Applicable Industry:

This series of fiber laser marker is widely used in mobile button, plastic transparent buttons,

electronic components, IC, tools, communication products, bathing products, tools, accessories,

eyewear and watches, jewelry, button decoration for boxes and bags, plates, products from

Stainless steel and so on.








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