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handheld protable gold, sliver fiber laser marking machine for jewelry

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1 Raycus laser marking 20w 2 protable laser marker 3 working area 100*100 200*200mm

  handheld protable gold, sliver  fiber laser marking machine for jewelry


Applicable Industry                 

Mainly used to mark on various plastic buttons and electric devices, to mark code on CMOS chip, 

color paper and food package. It can also be used in the scope with high requirements, such as 

clock, jewelry, module, bitmap marking etc..   



  • Fiber laser, Basic model, high speed galvo scanner; IPG laser and Chinese Brand laser for option.
  • Maintenance Free, save equipment and worker cost;
  • Imported Galvonometer, Higher precision,faster speed;
  • Higher photoelectric conversion efficiency,  Low power consumption;
  • Red light preview, more accurate and reduce positioning time;
  • Laptop with Powerful marking software;
  • User friendly software interface, easy operation;
  • Set and deal different layers graphic separately;
  • Support PLT,PCX,AL,DXF, BMP,JPG formats file;
  • Compatible AutoCAD,CorelDraw,Photoshop etc software Automatic serialization,date coding letter, symbol, pattern, figure, image, bar code, 2D code  auto  arrangement and amendment.

Laser Source

ACCTEK Fiber Laser

Output Power

50W/30w/20w/ 10w



Beam Quality


Repeat Frequency

10khz--- 100khz

Pulse Energy


Beam Divergence

-0.3 to +0.3mrad

Laser Class






Marking Scope

110mmx 110mm/ 200*200/300*300 (optional)

Linear Speed

800 character/ s

Marking Linear Speed


Marking Depth

Max. 1.0- 1.5mm (hard steel)

Min. Line Width


Min. Character Size


Repeat Accuracy


Input Power


Electrical Source

110v/220V / Single-Phase Circuit / 50/60Hz /4A


Machine details:



Fiber marking machine sample 



Question1: What is the Superiority of fiber laser compared with ordinary laser marking machine?

Reply: 1 More fast marking speed

            2 More stable, do not need to repair usually, the working life is about 100000 hours

            3 The main parts are from abroad, like the fiber laser,  Galvanometer 

            4 Portable


Questions2: I want to do marking for the round object with this machine, like ring, is is ok?


Reply: yes, no problem, with a rotary device, it will be ok.


Question3: Could I send some samples to you for test? We want to know the marking quality before order.

Reply: Of course no problem, welcome to send some samples to us, and we will test it with our machine, then send the marked samples back to you for check.

 Contact me for more details chatting. look forward to your kindly inquiry.



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