Laser marking machine
Laser marking machine

2016 new fiber laser marking machine 10w/20w/30w for metal and nonmetal AK10F

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Fiber laser marking machine adopts fiber laser to output laser and achieves to marking function after high speed scanning oscillating mirror system

2016 new laser fiber marking machine 10w/20w/30w for metal and nonmetal 


1.Good features of AK10F marking machine:
Fiber laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system developed by our company with advanced laser technique. It adopts fiber laser to output laser and achieves to marking function after high speed scanning oscillating mirror system. It has higher photoelectric transfer efficiency. This machine adopts air cooling way and the whole machine is small. The output beam is qualified, high reliability.
2.Machine technical parameters:
Model AK10F
Laser Generator Beijing Raycus 
Laser Power 10W/20W/30W
Laser Length 1060nm
Quality of Lase Beam m2<1.5
Laser Repetition Frequency ≤100 KHz
Standard Marking Area 100×100mm (Max 300x300mm)
Optical Marking Area 50*50mm,100*100mm
Engraving Depth ≤1.2mm
Engraving Speed ≤12000mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Minimum Character 0.05mm
Resolution Ratio ±0.001mm
Gross Power ≤500W
Working Voltage 200V/50Hz/10A
Cooling Mode  Air cooling 
Net/Gross weight 150kg/190kg

3.AK10F machine details:
Full view of optical path and marking head
( point  2. laser  
3. high-speed galvanometer  4. field lens)
\Scan head and aluminum alloy up-down adjustable table
4.Marking samples on metal and nonmetal:
\​5.About us:

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