Laser marking machine
Laser marking machine

Acctek Diode pumped YAG laser marking machine

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Diode pumped YAG laser marking machine belongs to the Middle &Top level products of YAG Lasers Diode pumped YAG laser marking machinehas the features such as high quality, competitive price ,Low in process cost, better marking effect, Reliability etc

Main Features of YAG laser marking machine
1. Wave length 1064 Yag crystal –top popular new style. YAG laser marking machine easily work on precision marking of metal and nonmetal.
2. International imported seal diode rods together with high-speed galvanometer and Q switch bring fast scanning speed and high accuracy of YAG laser marking machine.
3. Independent self-control cooling system for 24 hour working. Lowe noisy, temperature control.
4. Total sealing optical system .Red position signs avoid material waste.
5. Multi-function software with friendly interface support win7/xp/2000 together with many languages version. Supporting True Type font and single line font JSP, DMF, One-dimensional code and VIN code.
6. YAG laser marking machine supports bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif file together with ai, dxf, dst, plt. Work on 256 level grey image. Image processing for grey conversion, black white conversion and dot.
7. Free control system and outside equipment.

Technical Parameter of YAG laser marking machine
Model AKJ50D / AKJ75D/AKJ100D
Laser Power 50W/75W/100W
Repeatability ≤50KHz
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Marking Range 110*110mm/200*200mm/300*300mm
Marking Speed 10000mm/s(300 Characters/s,1mm/Character High 1mm)
Engraving Depth ≤0.5mm
Min-laser Beam 0.015mm
Smallest Character Engraving 0.15mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.01mm
Light Quality ㎡≤3
Indicate Laser LD Red Point:<5mW
Power 220V(±10%)/50Hz/15A
Unit Power 2.5kw
Graphic Format Supported bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
/Working Condition: Temperature 10℃-40℃
Net Weight 225kg
Packing Size 890*930*780mm

Sample of YAG laser marking machine

Parts of YAG laser marking machine

\\\\Packaging of YAG laser marking machine


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