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Portable fiber laser marking machine AK10F

2005-06-23 10:51:00   views: 

Portable fiber laser marking machineis a new type of laser marking machine, innovated and developed according to the developing market needs We use the most advanced laser marking system -- high-speed scanning galvanometer laser marking
Portable fiber laser marking machine


Main Features of portable fiber laser marking machine

1. High quality laser path suitable for delicate marking. Reaching nearest to the limit of diffraction. Exporting TEMOO of fundamental transverse mode. M2 near to 1. Beam divergence angle is only 1/4 of diode laser. Focus dot diameter is not over 20 um.
2. High pulse repeating rate and stable power bring high speed laser marking. Unit pulse power surge is lower than 1%. Easy control laser dot size, thickness and shape.
3. High speed 2-3 times over than traditional diode pumped marking machine.
4. Air-cooling smart machine size!
5. Long lifetime. Ultra-low power consumption of 0.5 kw. Efficiency conversion reach to over 30%(Not suitable for stainless steel color marking ).

Technical Parameter of portable fiber laser marking machine
Model AKJ10F AKJ20F AKJ30F  
Laser Power    10W 20W 30W          
Laser Wavelength    1064nm
Q-frequency    20KHz~30KHz
Divergence    0.3mard
Marking Range    100*100mm
Minimum Line Width    0.02mm
Minimum Character    0.15mm
Marking Depth    0 ~0.5mm
Engraving Line Speed    ≤7000mm/s
Repeatability Accuracy    ±0.001mm
Beam Quality    M2:1.2~1.8
Marking Format    Graphics, Text, Bar Codes, Two-dimensional Code, Automatically Marking the Date,Batchnumber,Serialnumber,Frequency,etc.
Format Supported    bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
Working Voltage    220V±10%/50Hz/4A
Unit Power    <0.5kw
Use of the Environment    Clean and Dust Free or Dust less
Working Condition:Humidity    5%-75%,Free of Condensed Water
Laser Module Life    >100000 hours

Sample of portable fiber laser marking machine


Detail description of portable fiber laser marking machine
Control system:

Fiber Laser power supply:



Package :
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