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Acctek Pneumatic marking machine

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Pneumatic marking machine is designed specially for nameplate and spare parts Pneumatic marking machine can mark various, like Chinese, graphic, number, English character and so on High printing speed, smooth marking effect


Main Features of AccTek Pneumatic marking machine

Pneumatic marking machine is a special-purpose device developed by AccTek company. The specially designed head and cavity are able to vibrate at 300 Hz frequency under low air pressure, which allows for marking clear and smooth characters on plates and will cause no deformation of metal plates.

The AccTek nameplate series pneumatic marking machine, mainly designed for various nameplates and mechanical parts and component, are able to print Chinese characters, figures, numbers, English letters and other types of information on the surface of nameplates and mechanical parts and components.

Pneumatic marking machine has the advantages of high print speed, high marking quality, and nice and orderly appearance. When working with special fixtures, Pneumatic marking machine is able to perform automatic feed printing. Widely used for marking nameplates and parts and components of different manufacturers. When the fixture is replaced with other special-purpose fixtures, Pneumatic marking machine can do a variety of specific marking tasks.

Technical Parameter of AccTek Pneumatic marking machine
A. High marking speed.
B. Specially designed fixtures for fast clamping.
C. Fast positioning that allows the machine to be in working state in a short time.
D. An imported motor that features high working speed, consistent performance and long lifetime.
E. High-frequency vibration to give high marking quality.
F. Work under low air pressure, which reduces noise.
G. An efficient operating software that is easy to use for marking control.

Technical Parameters of AccTek Pneumatic marking machine:

Impact Resistance


Impact frequency


Pressure Range


Marking Types 

Numbers, English Letters, Common Symbols, Chinese Characters   

Marking Speed

1-180 characters/min

Marking Range





<50 kg

Sample Pneumatic marking machine:
Parts Pneumatic marking machine:

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