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Laser engraving&cutting machine

80w co2 laser engraving and cutting machine 100w co2 metal laser tube AKJ1610

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CO2 Laser Machine AKJ1610, working area: 1600*1000mm, suitable for cutting and engraving nonmetals

CO2 Laser Machine 1610


laser engraver.jpg


Main configuration of co2 laser machine.


# Working area: 1600*1000mm
# Beijing RECI W1 80w laser tube
# Cooling system: water cooling with water pump
# Ruida 6442S control system
# Stepper motor and Leadshine driver 583
# Taiwan high accuracy linear square Rails
# Shanghai Fulong Belts
# Singapore focus Lenses and eflect mirror

# Cooper gear drived

# Soft limit device

# Table type: Blade or honeycomb table

# Red point to show where the laser beam 

# Filter

# Power leakage protection

# Emergency stop button to ensure safe

# Manual and software in English
# Air pump 

# Exhaust fan(550w) to output smoke

# Adjustable foot and moveable wheels


Product Description


1. Machine image of co2 laser machine 1610.


cnc laser engraver.JPG


2. Machine features of co2 laser machine 1610.


(1) Advanced Ruida control system makes the machine easy to operate.
(2) Intelligent processing cross-boarder protection function can prevent mechanical impact caused by the improrer -designed documents.
(3) Taiwan Hiwin rail guide and Shanghai Fulong belt make the engraving and cutting smooth.
(4) Red light positioning device can accurately indicates the location of the processing of the laser head.
(5) Having the function of recovering carving-point after power-outage.


3. Machine parameters of co2 laser machine 1610.


Type AKJ1610
Engraving Area 1600*1000mm
Laser Power Reci 80w/90w/100w/130w/150w/180w
Laser- type Sealed CO2 laser tube
Engraving Speed 0 - 40000mm/min
Minimum Shaping Character English: 1 x 1mm
Power Supply 220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ
Resetting Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Gross Power <1,000W
Operating Temperature 0-45°C
Operating Humidity 5- 95%
Control system Ruida ( USB interface)
Graphic Format Supported CorelDraw ,AutoCAD ,Photoshop
Driving system Leadshine Stepper motor and driver
Graphic format supported BMP,PLT, DST, DXF, and AI
Table type Knife / Honeycomb table
Attachment Exhaust Fan, Air pump
Net/Gross weight 500/580KG
Package Dimension 2140*1450*1070mm
Water cooling method Water pump/water chiller


Main Configurations


1. Laser tube, Support for tube, Orthotic devices.  


laser cutting machine.jpg


2. Laser head, Shanghai Fulong belt, Taiwan Hiwin square rails, Limited switch.  


laser head for cnc.jpg


3. Control box: Ruida 6442S controller, Leadshine driver 583.


laser engraving machine.jpg


4. Water chiller, Ruida control pannel, Exhaust fan(550w).  


used co2 laser cutting.jpg


5. Optional part: Up and down table, rotary axis.


laser cutter.jpg




1.artcrafts: laser machine for wood,bamboo, elephant's tusk,bone, leather, marble,sea shell etc.
2.advertisement: double color board,acrylic engraving and cutting,label engraving,crystal etc.
3. model industry: sand table construction model,plane model etc.
4. packing:rubber engraving,plastic,doubling plate,die board cutting etc.
5. leather and cloth process:compound leather,man-made leather,fabric,fur ,toy etc.
6. other industry : marble,granite,glass,crystal engraving,paper/greeting card cutting etc




wood engraver.jpg


wood cutting ..jpg

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