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AccTek CCD Co2 laser cutting engraving machine for clothes fabric leather

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AccTek CCD Co2 laser cutting engraving machine for clothes fabric leather

Product Description

CCD Co2 laser cutting engraving machine:

3D wood acrylic leather 100w 150w 180w 200w 1390 1610 1325 1530 4*8ft  AccTek Co2 cnc laser engraving machine Application :

1. Non-metal CUT -acrylic, board,wood , MDF , pipe 


2.Goodprecision:Steppermotor with imported ball screw tansmission greatly improve the response speed and cutting precision of equipment,  extend the time of using.


3.Constant light system: The machine uses the constant light, achieving high precision cutting of the whole area.


4.High precision and Good stability :With precision ball screw transmission mechanism and optimized the nc system control, it can meet the precision parts processing,stable dynamic performance,also can work for long hours.


5. The cutting carving section with good quality:Red point 

cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged, which insures smooth cutting section without processing again. It can adapt to flat or curved surface wood ,MDF cutter engraver.


6.Adopt sealed co2 laser tube , main consumable items are electric energy,watercooling, auxiliary gas and laser light


7. Sample structure, easy operation, stable laser device and low maintenance cost.


CCD Co2 laser cutting engraving machine price for sale


AKJ1810-2 CCD Co2 laser cutting engraving machine with double laser heads

Working area

1300*2500*33mm (The height from laser head to work table can auto adjust with up-down funtion )

Laser power

60w/80W/100w/130w/150w/200w glass laser tube

Laser type

CO2 laser tube,water-cooling

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Power supply

220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ

Position accuracy


Repetition accuracy


Graphic format supported


Guide rail

 Hiwin from Taiwan

Transmission method

lead screw transmission

Software supported

CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD,TAJIMA

Driving system

Stepper motors and drivers

Net Weight


Optional part

Partial up-down work table, USB Port, Autofocus


Capability of CCD Double heads co2 metal laser engraving cutting machine price:



#.Acrylic :              0-28 mm;

#.Wood :                0-25 mm.

Large work sizes 1300*2500mm Co2 laser cutting carving machine AKJ1325 good price for sale :


1.#.Ruida 644XG control system

#RDCAM software

2.CCD Camera with work :


3.#Beijing high quality and good service of Reci laser tube 60w,80w,100w,130-150w,15-180w, 200w etc. 

#Singapore Lenses and mirror


4. Auto feed work table
Two laser heads :


If you have interested in the machine and wanna learn more technical for the new type machine ,
Please no hesitate contact with me , i am glad answer your any question :



Rita Shan

Jinan AccTek Machinery Co.,Ltd

Skype:acctek 16

Mobile/WhatsApp :+8618660141826

E: export16(at)

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