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AKJ1410 CCD Visual Orientation camera co2 laser cutter

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As a upgraded CCD version of AWC708C PLUS,The high quality motion controller It is a completed solution for two points location,four points location,auto searching box cutting requirement Wonderful recognizing cutting speed and easy to operate

Machine Features

1.Support template matching visual location. For the woven lable with good quality and basically no deformation ,high precision located cutting is available.

2.Support contour extraction visual location.Support live extract contour on each cutting file and shrink inward or expand outward with a distance before cutting.This craft could solve cutting file deformation problem.

3.Support 2 points,4 points location.Could do oversize cutting on file.This craft could solve the problem that cutting file in camera but over one picture therefor lead a poor quality result.

4.Auto feeding loading and unloading system for rolls or long woven lable product. Can greatly facilitate the users and improve production efficiency.

5.Camera is with the options of 2 million pixels and 3 million pixels.Suit for various working size and file cutting requirements.

6.Camera location and automatic recognition cutting craft.

7.Standard LED visual lamp.Ensure equipment could do regular service under poor light environment.

8.Adapts network or USB communication.Need no additional card installed in computer.Easy to adjust.

9.Japanese industrial camera with excellent anti-jamming ability.Fast speed and  high efficiency.

Machine configuration

#Working area is :1300*900mm
# Beijing RECI W1 80w laser tube 
#Industry CCD camera for scanning
#Leadshine driver and stepper motor,
#Original HINWIN rails imported from Taiwan
#Water protection switch
# Torcen  control system (1 LCD panel+1 control car board +1 CD software ) /
#blade table  
# Shanghai Fulong belt
#1×USB Cable (connecting PC and laser machine)
#Dust collector 550w 1×Air Exhaust Fan(installed inside the machine) with Tube ducts ( for extracting gases from the work area)
#Three Reflection mirror and one focus lens Original imported from Singapore
#Red light point(Red Light Pointer to position Where the Laser light is)
#1×Air Pump for Air Assist
#manual instruction and 8G memory USB Flash DISK (Guiding Videos) for Software's Installing and Operation
#temperature display
#Water chiller CW3000 for cooling tube.

Parmeter data

NO. Model AKJ-1490 with camera
1 Laser medium CO2              
2 Working area 1400*900mm
3 Working table honeycomb table
4 Laser power 80w/100w
5 Power Supply 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
6 Min line width ≤0.15mm
7 Positon accuracy 0.01mm
8 Repetition accuracy 0.02mm
9 Cutting speed 150mm/s
10 Guide rail Hiwin from Taiwan
11 Transmission method Belt Transmission
12 Drive system Leadshine driving system and stepper motor
13 Cooling system Water-cooling
14 Control system DSP off-line
15 Control software RDCAM ,Coreldraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima
16 Graphic format support PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG ,AI ,ect
17 Working environment 0-45℃,
18 Operating Humidity 5-95%
19 Net weight 280kg
20 Gross weight 350kg
co2 laser cutter sample(small CCD max scanning 150*120mm workinga rea)

Big CCD camera:
1500*1500mm scanning areaco2 laser with CCD cameraccd laser camera cutter
Package and delivery

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