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Four heads 1610 laser machine

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Four heads 1610 laser machine
AccTek four heads AKJ1610 laser machine
1610 laser machine


1. Stone Industry: marble, granite, white marble etc.

2.Artcrafts Industry: wood,bamboo, elephant's tusk,bone, leather, marble,sea shell etc.

3. Advertisement  Industry: double color board,acrylic engraving and cutting,label engraving,crystal etc.

4. Model Industry: sand table constructtion model,plane model etc.

5. Packing Industry:rubber engraving,plastic,doubling plate,die board cutting etc.

6. leather and cloth processing Industry:compound leather,man-made leather,fabric,fur ,toy etc.

7. other industry : marble,granite,glass,crystal engraving,paper/greeting card cutting etc.


Model AKJ1390  AKJ1610  AKJ1812 
Working Area    1300*900mm 1600*1000mm 1800*1200mm
Laser Power    60w/80w/100w/130w//150w
Laser Type    CO2 Sealed Laser Tube,10.6μm
Cooling Type    Water Cooling
Engraving Speed    0-60000mm/min
Cutting Speed    0-40000mm/min
Laser Output Control    0-100% Set by Software
Min.Engraving Size    Chinese:2.0mm*2.0mm,English Letter:1.0mm*1.0mm
Highest Scanning Precision    4000DPI
Locating Accuracy    ≤+0.01mm
Controlling Software    DSP Control System
Graphic Format Supported    DST PLT BMP DXF DWG AI LAS,etc
Auto feed function   optional 
Drive System    High-precision 2or 3-phase Stepper Motor
Auxiliary Equipments    Exhaust Fan and Air Exhaust Pipe
Power Supply    AC110V/220V+10%,50HZ/60HZ
Working Environment    Temperature:0-45C,Humidity5-95%(No Condensate Water)

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four heads laser machine

four heads 1610 laser machine

multi heads laser machine

1610 laser machine

four heads laser machine

1610 laser machine

1610 laser machine samples

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FDA Accession Number: 1511002-000
Purpose: This submission is a(n) Initial Product Report. These Material Processing Laser Products
include designated model family Laser Machine with model(s) AK50C, AKJ9060, AKJ5030, AKJ1490,
AKJ1530H, AKJ1325H, AK30F, AKJ6090, AK20F, AKJ1610, AKJ1410, AKJ1390H, AK100C,
AKJ2030, AKJ1325, AKF1325, AKJ1318, AKJ1390, AK75Y, AKJ4030, AKJ1290, AKY1325, AK75C,
AKJ1530, AK50Y, AK10F.
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