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Mission statement
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Mission statement

Accuracy Technology

   "AccTek" is from "accuracy technology“,which is and will be our goal all the time!  "AccTek" branded CNC routers and laser cutters  have obtained remarkable achievements in the design of precise carving machine as well as artistic carving technology. We have realized industrialization of the computerized numerical control technology. 
  Our produces are wildely sold in many European and American countries. These products are very popular in these markets and have established a leading position in the carving machine field. 

   After several years of rapid development, our routers have already covered advertisement decoration, marking, label industry, woodworking, mold manufacturing as well as crafts and gifts fields. Our routers fproducts  well meet the demands of customers in different countries. 
We are still trying our best to produce innovative products to help customers lower their costs and increase their returns. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us for future cooperation. We hope to get mutual benefits with you in the near future.

 一. Automatic machining processing 

Bed: first rough machining by double housing planer ,then milling and drilling the surface of fixed guide and rack .
Beam:annealing heat treatment, eliminate stress, pickling ,pickling, phosphating surface treatment, then milling and drilling
by cnc machining center.

Machining parts: processing by t vertical machining center
Through the above processing ensure parts processing precision .
二. Three times testing ensure processing precision

Geometric accuracy testing: straightness and parallelism of machine geometric accuracy test, to ensure the best precision 
of machine

Place accuracy testing: test the perpendicularity of X/Y axis, ensure min error to the diagonal of processing material, test the 
vertical of Y/Z, X/Z and parallel of spindle and Z axis,ensure the flat to surface of milling materials

All the machine test: comprehensive testing, further to ensure the best state of machine . 
AccTeck CNC test three times by rigour, after machine leave the factory ,stable performance , processing precision higher,
our machines are trusted by many customers,leading the same industry           

三.Main machine parts
Japan THK guide and Taiwan HIWIN, PMI guide 
Germany WMH HERION rack and China XINYUE rack
Japan SHIMPO reducer
Germany BECKER and China TONGYOU ,YONGDUN vacuum pump
France SCHNEIDER electric elements
Japan OMRON sensor 
Taiwan Delta inverter
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