Aluminum and copper

Aluminum and Copper etc Metal CuttingIt is widely used in indusstries of advertising signs production, the produc
Aluminum and Copper etc. Metal Cutting
It is widely used in indusstries of advertising signs production, the production of sheet metal structure, high and low voltage electrical cabinets, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils and appliances, automobiles, machinery, elevator, electrical parts, leaf spring, tube parts. The materials can be Copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium metal sheet and pipe.
  • Aluminum and Copper etc. Metal Cutting

    Laser cutting machine for aluminum
    Traditional processing methods, such as cold punching, cold cut, fire may cause serious environmental pollution, cutting burr, and wast time during the subsequent processing work. But for Bodor cutting machine, it is more suitable for cutting Alminium panel, brass and copper. It can easily process aluminum foil into various shapes with hiah speed and accuracy. The remarkable features of no mold processing can meet the needs of cooking utensil, decorative lighting and Aluminum veneer decoration industry.
  • Copper is hard to cut in laser cutting.Because in general copper has higher heat reflectivity,lower laser absorption,and copper also has higher heat diffusion coefficient.Using CO2 laser can’t cut copper.Brass below 1mm thickness may be cut by nitrogen gas.Copper blow 2 mm thickness can be cut only by oxygen gas.

    Laser cutting machine for copper

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